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Dupes for the LimeLife Perfect Mascara

We’re on the hunt to find mascaras that are as good or better than the Perfect Mascara from LimeLife by Alcone. Everyone wants something different out of their mascara. Choose formula for length and/ or volume. You can get just about every color – blues, browns and the blackest blacks. Formulas can be waterproof, long lasting, or organic. Finally, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to wand, fluffy or skinny. 

We went on a hunt to find mascaras that compete with LimeLife’s Perfect Mascara. It’s a best selling fiber mascara, with a bristled wand, and comes in brown and black.

The silliest thing we found… was that most of our favorite mascaras were all made by Alcone. Plenty of options by the same manufacturer are more convenient, cheaper, and better.

Perfect Mascara – LimeLife by Alcone

LimeLife Perfect Mascara

Perfect Mascara (LimeLife) boasts a lengthening formula with fibers. It comes in two colors: brown and black. It comes in a .28 oz tube fresh for 1-2 months. It costs $22 from a beauty guide. 

Better Alternatives

Diorshow lengthening fiber mascara by Dior

For $30 you can get a .33 oz tube of Diorshow (Dior). This is a luxury mascara also known for it’s lengthening fibers. It also comes in black and brown. It has a similarly textured and shaped brush but fuller. It has a patented ‘Air Lock’ tube to keep it fresher longer. This is a frequent contender on beauty editor best-of-mascaras lists. It’s a bit pricier than the Perfect Mascara but it also comes in a larger tube and offers more features.

Smashbox Full Exposure fiber mascara in jet black

The Smashbox Full Exposure is another fiber mascara that gets great reviews from bloggers, influencers, and thousands of folks on Sephora. It comes in a jet black and both waterproof and non waterproof formulas. The tube comes with .32 oz and is sold for $23 – making it a bit cheaper than Limelife’s when taking into account it’s larger size. Definitely check this one out.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir fiber mascara

This premium Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara comes in a .34 oz tube. You can buy it at department stores and Sephora for $26 (a bit cheaper than Limelife when accounting for the larger tube). It only comes in black and has a contoured brush to help apply and make the lashes look more volumized. The internet raves about the formula.

Drugstore Options

L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes fiber mascara

The Voluminous mascara line by L’Oreal is an absolute favorite. The False Fiber Lashes comes in a .34 oz tube and sells for $10. While it isn’t a luxury item (find it at any Walgreens, Ulta, or other drugstore), it competes with the best. The wand is similar to the others but with a slight angle to make it easier to apply. 

Essense volume stylist 18h lash extension mascara with fibers

Essence makes great mascara. Check out their thousands of 5 star reviews on This one is particularly good if you’re looking for a Fiber mascara. For less than $5 you get a .4 oz tube, with a bristled wand. This formula is especially long lasting.  

The Verdict

As with most multi-level marketing and direct sales products – the LimeLife mascara is very expensive. It’s price is similar to most high end mascara brands you’d find in Sephora or at department stores. It also comes in a smaller package giving you less for your money and requiring you to purchase more frequently. 

The product itself isn’t unique. Lots of other brands (including many Alcone brands) sell mascara with all the same benefits, and some offer unique brushes, longer lasting formulas, and much cheaper prices. 

LimeLife by Alcone products

Why is the LimeLife Perfect Mascara so expensive?

Part of the reason multi-level marketing products are so expensive is because the primary way that these kinds of companies make money is not by selling products, it’s by recruiting others to join and have the ‘opportunity’ to sell the products. 

Rather than making money on mascara, MLM companies and participants make money on training courses, consultant website fees, conventions, starter kits, etc. As ‘Beauty Guides” attempt to get to higher ranks they’ll have sales requirements which can lead to inventory loading and bonus buying.

Supporting a loved one

The best reason to buy a Perfect Mascara is to support a loved one. However, keep in mind that most folks selling direct sales products actually lose money. Consider buying an absolutely stellar drugstore mascara (definitely comparable to Perfect Mascara) and use the savings to support your loved ones in other ways.

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