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Disney and Multi-Level Marketing

I usually trust brands that I love. These days, it requires a little more research though. I try to avoid purchases from companies that don’t have fair business models or companies that might be pyramid schemes.

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LuLaRoe has many Disney collections

When I see that a product has partnered with Disney, I get pretty excited and trust that it will be high quality and safe. However, we’ve discovered that Disney licenses with many companies with multi-level business models. Most consultants for these companies lose money and a lot of consultants go into debt. It’s sad to see such a great company putting their name on products which cause so much harm.

So far we’ve seen Disney license with:

And many many more…
If you’ve encountered others definitely let us know in the comments and we’ll share them here.

Disney Travel

It doesn’t stop at licensing Disney trademarks and beloved characters. Disney parks and vacations have led to an entire industry of multi-level vacation planning companies:

Learn more about these companies here:

Finally, it’s disappointing to see a beloved brand work with companies who exploit people and drive them into debt. As we learn that many multi-level marketing companies may actually be illegal pyramid schemes, I hope to see Disney do better.

Check out this petition asking Disney to stop doing business with LuLaRoe.

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  1. Alice Alice March 2, 2020

    Disney also partner up with Tupperware.

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