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Book Review: Rock Your Network Marketing Business

Succeeding in Network Marketing is super challenging (99% of new members lose money*). We’re excited about any book that might have insight on how to actually make it work. We checked out this book that promises to help. We highly recommend using your local library for this kind of research!

This book lacks specific sales and recruitment instruction and mostly focuses on
attitude. We recommend skipping this title. If attitude and motivation are something that you’re looking for help with, there are much better books.

This book by Sarah Robbins focuses mostly on attitude and perseverance as being the keys to success and common reasons for failure in Network Marketing. For those who are already motivated and who are looking for a concrete steps to improve, this book may leave you wanting more. This book mainly focuses on recruitment (not sales).

Also, this book is very high level. It suggests the same reasons for failure and strategies for success for all folks involved in all businesses that are labeled “network marketing.” It doesn’t discuss different kinds of network marketing companies or different kinds of strategies.

Finally, though this book will often quote statistics and refer to other materials as supporting evidence. We couldn’t find the sources to back up the information presented. We aren’t sure all of the claims in the book are true. Normally, we’d see an appendix with citations or footnotes but this book doesn’t have this. We reached out about some figures cited in the book but never heard back.

Not affiliated with any network marketing company or this book. We shared this review to help inform our readers. Please use your local library as a resource!
*FTC Report showing 99% of new recruits lose money

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