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Comparing Essential Oils

When evaluating a potential business opportunity it is important to consider whether the products are competitive in the market. There are many measures of value for consumers including quality, price, brand, convenience, etc.

When choosing a product it’s important to choose one that is competitive. This ensures that there’s a solid market for the product and consumers will be interested in purchasing it. It’s also better to be interested in the product, have experience with it, and be enthusiastic about sharing and selling it to others.

Price is only one factor. However, we see that the network marketing branded oils (DoTERRA and Young Living) cost quite a bit more per ML of product than any of the other oils we researched. This will make it more difficult to sell to price savvy shoppers who may be comparing with local and online retailers.

If a company’s product are not competitive in the market then they will be difficult or impossible to sell. If a multi-level marketing company’s products are not competitive that can be a red flag that the company’s products are being used to hide a pyramid scheme.

The Prices We Compared


$27.33 for 15ML  ($1.822 per ML)
$20.50 for 15ML  ($1.366 per ML) wholesale
Doterra Essential Oil

Young Living

$28.95 for 15ML  ($1.93 per ML)
$22.00 for 15ML  ($1.466 per ML) wholesale
Peppermint Essential Oil


$8.49 for 10ML  ($0.849 per ML)
Healing Solutions (Amazon’s Choice)

This is a top rated product on Amazon. Free shipping and discounts for subscriptions are competitive as well.

$17.98 for 118ML ($0.152 per ML)
Majestic Pure Essential Oils
Very highly rated and comes in a large amount, at the time of posting there is a $2 off coupon available to prime members!

Majestic Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, Pure and Natural, Therapeutic Grade Peppermint Oil, 4 fl. oz.


$16.99 for 59ML  ($0.287 per ML)
Nature’s Truth Nature’s Truth Essential Oil Peppermint

Highly rated and a common brand among multiple drugstores. This brand is also very price competitive. Walgreens is convenient for a lot of consumers. They also have coupons

$7.49 for 30ML  ($0.249 per ML)
De La Cruz Peppermint Oil


$12.99 for 15ML  ($0.866 per ML)
Nature’s Answer® Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

$7.99 for 30ML  ($0.266 per ML)
Now 100% Pure Essential Oils


$28.99 for 50ML  ($0.579 per ML)
Thrive Market Peppermint Organic Essential Oil

$4.99 for 15ML  ($0.332 per ML)
Aura Cacia Peppermint Cooling Essential Oil

$10.49 for 30ML  ($0.349 per ML)
Botanic Spa Peppermint Essential Oil

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