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Costs of Selling DoTerra

Product Costs

DoTerra has a monthly personal volume requirement of either 50 units or 100 units. This means to receive bonuses and to remain active.This amount often corresponds to the wholesale cost of products but sometimes is less (like with special kits). Shipping costs ($3.99-$24.99) don’t count towards this requirement. This means to meet this requirement you’ll spend at least $100/month + shipping.

There are loyalty rewards orders, which are orders which are auto-shipped to you. Some bonuses require that you meet $100 in loyalty rewards orders. Loyalty rewards can count towards personal volume.

Other product costs may include purchasing additional inventory to share as samples for customers, also to use in product demonstrations, and in trainings. It’s common to be encouraged or expected to purchase additional inventory for these purposes.

Business Costs

It costs $35 dollars to join DoTERRA and an additional $25 each year to renew. However, this fee is waved with the purchase of a starter kit. The suggested kit costs $195.

Emotional AT Diffused Enrollment Kit ($195)

Additionally, running a business is very expensive. It’s important to look at all of the expenses. Here are a few expenses that can really add up:

  • Tax preparation, money management, accounting
  • Event, event planning, parties, food, drinks, decorations
  • Admission/booth space at fairs, markets, or storefront locations
  • Materials for selling online (camera, lights, software, backdrops)
  • Shipping, packaging, cards, pens, supplies

It’s a good idea to keep track of everything you spend on the business. This will help with tax preparation, budgeting, and measuring your investment.

Finally, an often overlooked expense the time you spend selling. Though it can be fun, selling DoTERRA takes many hours and is a big investment of your time. A question you should ask yourself: is this the most effective way to spend your time? Is the return on your time enough that you wouldn’t be better of spending time on another job or opportunity? These questions are hard to answer without data on how much sellers earn. To date, the company hasn’t released anything like an earnings disclosure statement.

Conventions, Meetups, and Trips

Every year there are a number of events. Advocates may attend none or many of these events. Advocates are encouraged to attend many of these these events, especially Convention. Events are targeted at those who are working to build their business.

DoTERRA Convention

Many advocates attend the annual DoTERRA convention. Most folks working to build the business are encouraged to attend. The event lasts a few days in Utah. These are just a few expenses to be mindful of: 

Tickets: $125 (preregister) – $200+
Transport (gas/plane tickets): varies
Hotel/Lodging: $100+ /night
Food: $20-$50+ /day
Convention Product Kit: $300

There’s an annual trip to Mexico. While it’s possible to earn the trip to Mexico as an incentive or bonus, many advocates “buy-in” to the trip. Like the convention this also comes with a significant set of expenses.

Buy-in: $1,500-$2,780 (per person, shared room)
Transport (gas/plane tickets): varies
Excursions and travel expenses: varies
Passport and fees: $145 (one time)

There are other events, trainings and more. Each has registration fees, for those who are traveling there will be those expenses. There may also be materials or products to purchase as well. For example there is a 2019 Leadership event. Participants can attend in Atlanta or San Diegao for a $79 registration fee. Attendees likely need hotels and transport to these locations.

No affiliation with DoTERRA. Please contact us with corrections, updates, or additional information.

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