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Holiday Pyramid Schemes

Sometimes it’s our best friends who get us into the most trouble. Just in time for the holidays, gift scams are back! If you hear about a game or project that seems too good to be true it probably is. These chain letters and mail scams are illegal in the United States. 

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Example of the Holiday Wine Exchange Scam

We’ve seen these chains/pyramids with:
– Gift Cards
– Wine
– Books
– Greeting Cards
– Small Gifts
– Cookies
– Money

The way these tend to work, you send out a request for six people to send you the item. They send out requests to six of their friends with the same promise. However, the scam/scheme relies on the people at the end of the chain sending without receiving. Eventually, some people can’t or don’t recruit new people.

While these scams seem like a lot of fun, they are illegal. Also, most people will lose out. They also mean sharing your information with strangers. If you’ve seen one of these scams, let us know!

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