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Thirty One Gifts Income Disclosure Statement

The most recent income disclosure we could find on the Thirty-One Gifts website was from 2015. However, an internet search leads various copies of a 2017 disclosure. It is difficult to find or cannot be found on the Thirty One Gifts official website. Below is what we found.

Thirty-One Gifts 2017 disclosure

This disclosure can be a bit complicated to understand because of the fine print. The fine print lets us know that the table only includes consultants that were active in 2017. Thirty-one defines an active consultant as someone who submits $200 in personal sales volume in a rolling three-month period.

This fine print is pretty misleading because the table is labeled all consultants. The consultants in this table are actually more than active – they are pretty successful, all of them have $200 in personal volume sales in just a 3 month span (this can correspond to more than $200 in retail sales depending on the products sold).

Thirty-one did not report the percentage of total consultants are active. This makes it impossible to get a good idea of how many participants get paid. However, even the successful participants – 18% of those got paid less than $1 over an entire year.

Profits and Expenses

An important thing to note is that none of the data takes into account expenses. When evaluating business opportunities, most people are interested in profit. Profit is the amount of money brought in (revenue) minus any costs and expenses. A ThirtyOne participant would need to earn more money than these expenses in order to have a profit.

Expenses for Consultants can be several thousand dollars annually. You should factor in estimated expenses when projecting potential profits. Such operating expenses could include advertising and promotional expenses, product samples, training, travel, telephone and internet costs, and miscellaneous expenses.

Thirty-One Gifts 2015 disclosure

Is it worth your time?

A recent survey found that most multi-level marketing participants earned less than 70 cents per hour. The 2015 Thirty-One Gifts income disclosure statement disclosed the average hours worked and average annual income by consultants at different ranks.

Right around 80% of consultants in 2015 made on average $548 and worked an average of 7 hours per week. This amounts to about $1.50 per hour before considering expenses. If the expenses do reach even one thousand dollars as the disclosure indicated (“several thousand dollars annually”), consultants at this rank are losing quite a bit. 

At the director level average income divided by average hours reached $10. Only 2% of participants are at director or higher levels. And again, that’s before expenses. It’s likely the case that minimum wage jobs, temporary work, or gigs are more lucrative. 

Turning to the 2017 disclosure. We see that the top 1% of earners made more than $10,000. The disclosure lets us know that these consultants had an average tenure with Thirty-One Gifts of over six years. That’s a very long time. Looking only at these participant’s earnings in their most successful years is a form of survivorship bias.


The 2017 income disclosure statement does not break income down by rank, does not include information about average hours per week worked, or time to reach that rank. It’s likely that the difference in presentation accounts for the differences in the data rather than a significant change in the income for distributors. The numbers still stay in the same ballpark.

Most consultants are not earning much money from Thirty-One gifts. After considering expenses that most consultants are spending more than they are earning. The average earnings and corresponding average hours mean that consultants work very hard for the income. We recommend exploring other business opportunities and looking for profits per hour that exceed the minimum wage in your area.

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