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personal volume

The amount of product or services that a person buys for themselves is called their personal volume. These purchases can be for personal use or for retail.

Most compensation plans require distributors purchase and/or sell product or services to keep their rank within the company. The amount a person needs to purchase (usually monthly) in order to meet the requirement is referred to as the monthly personal volume requirement. Sometimes this will be a personal sales volume if the requirement must be met with actual sales.


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  2. […] purchase or sell an amount of product each month to maintain their rank. This is referred to as the personal volume requirement. Leaders will also have volume requirements for their team. This leads to leaders […]

  3. […] of distributors (~90%). Business building ranks also have requirements though including a $50-$100 personal volume requirement. Which means some of this “income” could really end up being earnings on […]

  4. […] order to maintain status as an active consultant you must purchase 50 units of personal volume each month. Active status is required for “business building” activities. Which includes things […]

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