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Safety and Dangers of Essential Oils

Essential Oils can be dangerous. People selling the essential oils for companies create articles and guides in order to sell more oils. This can make it difficult to find good truthful information about safe ways to use oils. Additionally, members selling dōTERRA and Young Living will often falsely claim that oils can treat conditions or cure diseases.

It can be difficult to find the truth about essential oils even if you do careful research. This is because of the way search engines and ranking algorithms work. They surface articles and websites based on how large numbers of people act — but in this case, large numbers of people are working to sell more oil. To learn more about this check out our post on how MLMs break the internet.

Here are some articles we’ve vetted to learn more about the dangers of essential oils and how to use them safely

WebMD articles talking about the safety of essential oils including tips on who should and should not use oils, what applications make sense, allergies, and more!
WebMD: Essential Oils; Natural Doesn’t Mean Risk Free

WebMD: Dos and Don’ts of Essential Oils

Women’s Day explains the dangers of some essential oils as well as their relationship to this type of company (DoTerra and Young Living). Also mentions how they can be used effectively.
Women’s Day: Dangers of Essential Oils

Refinery29 story about a diffuser with essential oils causing a woman chemical burns. “I was unaware that the vaporized ‘diluted’ oil from my diffuser could also be dangerous…”
The Terrifying Reason This Woman Was Burned By Essential Oils

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