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LuLaRoe Leggings

Fun and Unique patterns

LuLaRoe leggings come in a variety of fabrics (manufactured abroad). Rarer patterns are dubbed “unicorns.” Consultants may not have more than one of a given pattern.

They are often described as comfortable, modest, and of good quality with a great fit.

“Like butter”
The leggings are often described has having a buttery texture that is super soft.

Common complaints

No returns and difficult exchanges
Most consultants appear to offer exchanges with the merchandise they have in stock, but they don’t allow returns.

Inconsistent quality and fit
Products are made of different fabrics, in different countries, and are of varying quality. Some of this appears to be part of the interest in LuLaRoe sales model (scarcity of certain types of fabric shiny vs tshirt etc), but it also manifests in many customers being unhappy with quality and hit or miss on particular fit.

Inconsistent pricing
Different leggings and different consultants will sell at different prices. Also, prices may be different in different social networks — if a lot of people are selling then prices will go down. Check out ebay for lower prices (here’s pricing for sold leggings on ebay to give you an idea).

ebay listing

Check out these other Leggings

American Apparel
These leggings have great patterns and feel good that American apparel is made in the USA (sweatshop free!). Prices are a bit higher than LuLaRoe but quality is consistent, and returns are easier. Free shipping for purchases over $50.

Zella Leggings from Nordstrom
When found on sale their price point is similar to LuLaRoe but their quality is outstanding. Consistent quality, fun patterns and colors, and larger sizes. Free shipping and free returns.Check out the reviews (good and bad), and the transparent pricing.

Society6 Leggings
Check out Society6 for the best patterns. Though prices are a bit higher each and every purchase goes to support the artist who created the design (learn more). Products are produced on-demand to avoid waste and keep the business sustainable. Support artists and wear awesome clothes!

ModCloth Leggings
Always cute and unique with great prices, ModCloth has tons of fun patterns and colors in sizes which range from XS-4X. Check out outfit photos to see the fit on real women in your size, and reviews which comment on fit and feel. Free exchanges, easy returns, and hundreds of reviews from women of all sizes.

Before purchasing, consider that your purchase supports the business practices described here. In addition to the information above, LuLaRoe has an incentive structure that leads us to recommend considering alternative products.

American Apparel Leggings are made in the USA
American Apparel Leggings are made in the USA
Awesome reviews, free shipping and returns
Awesome reviews, free shipping and returns
Society6 Leggings have awesome designs and each purchase pays an artist
Society6 Leggings have awesome designs and each purchase pays an artist
ModCloth Leggings have reviews and photos from women of all sizes.
ModCloth Leggings have reviews and photos from women of all sizes.


  1. Dee Dee November 24, 2016

    I became aware of LLR after I received an invite on FB. I purchased leggings and several types of shirts and skirts. I have a marketing degree and thought “wow” I could be a consultant. What concerns me is the rapid growth and over saturation in the market. There is the additional cost of using the company’s billing software, the cost of mailing and time invested in addition to the added costs mentioned in the article. Also the delay in getting product because the leggings cannot be made fast enough or onboarding is delayed because there are so many who want to join. My conclusion is that the founders are making the most money but will the business ever fall on its face? There are no guarantees or at least none that I know of.

  2. Thereal Thereal March 23, 2017

    You need to do a reality check. Deanne posted a pic recently to her Instagram that CLEARLY SHOWS SWEATSHOP WORKERS!

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